SPICE Webinar: Ecodesign: how to reconcile circularity and environmental impact?
09/09/23 – Online

In this SPICE webinar we will explore the latest Ecodesign and Circularity Guide. Please note that the objective of this webinar is to give you key insights on how circularity is integrated in the eco-design approach, and how it can be assessed through specific metrics in complementarity with the SPICE environmental single score. Two illustrative case studies developed by the SPICE initiative will be discussed: a lipstick and a shampoo.

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Passed Events

SPICE Tool webinar replay Online

In this webinar, we explore how the SPICE Tool helps you to embed ecodesign into the heart of  packaging strategies and make ecodesign part of company DNA.

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ALL4PACK Emballage Paris 21/11/22 – Paris, France

L’Oréal, Quantis and ALBEA will share insights from SPICE and discuss the benefits and impacts of pre-competitive collaboration

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Paris packaging week 2022 29/06/22 – Paris, France

L’Oréal, Quantis and Unilever shared best practices for the cosmetics packaging industry and insights from SPICE.

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